ncclient is a Python library for NETCONF clients. It aims to offer an intuitive API that sensibly maps the XML-encoded nature of NETCONF to Python constructs and idioms, and make writing network-management scripts easier. Other key features are:

  • Supports all operations and capabilities defined in RFC 4741.
  • Request pipelining.
  • Asynchronous RPC requests.
  • Keeping XML out of the way unless really needed.
  • Extensible. New transport mappings and capabilities/operations can be easily added.

It is suitable for Python 2.6+ (not Python 3 yet, though), and depends on paramiko, an SSH library.

The best way to introduce is through a simple code example:

from ncclient import manager

# use unencrypted keys from ssh-agent or ~/.ssh keys, and rely on known_hosts
with manager.connect_ssh("host", username="user") as m:
    assert(":url" in m.server_capabilities)
    with m.locked("running"):
        m.copy_config(source="running", target="file:///new_checkpoint.conf")
        m.copy_config(source="file:///old_checkpoint.conf", target="running")


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